Change Log | v0.4.0

It has been a while! Been really busy but I am back with an OmniGear update. Finally got a single player mode in! It is pretty rough, but I would love any thoughts and feedback on the new mode. Also feel free to share any highscores you get! I also have a handful of new parts and a new VS Mode stage for you to mess around in too.

I have some plans that I want to share with you all about the future of OmniGear in another update soon. So, stay tuned for more updates here or on my Twitter @DarkaysTG


  • New Parts
    • Floating Legs
    • Exploding Legs
    • Glass Cannon Head (Experimental)
    • Fortress Head (Experimental)
    • Reactor Head (Experimental)
    • Homing Missile Accessory
  • New Stage
    • Mountain Arena
  • New Mode
    • Time Attack
      • Battle waves of enemies and compete to get the fastest time


  • Part Balancing
    • Air Dash, and Triple Jump now only jump two block lengths tall
    • High Jump, jump height is now greater with a slower descent
    • Triple Jump now falls slower for longer distance jumps
    • Standard Jump now jumps two blocks with a slightly slower descent
    • Tri Shot now has a longer range
  • Lowered the amount of screenshake that happens when you land a hit on the specials
  • Updated arena grid material
  • Updated the timer to be more apparent that the match is ending in at 5 seconds
  • Updated visuals to shield
  • Dash sources now have separate cooldowns allowing you lean into a dash build
    • Dash cooldown extended from 1 second to 2
    • Dash distance is lowered

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in Basic Arena causing you to stick to the outer edge of the stage
  • Fixed bug where tie breaks were based on total health not percent health
  • Fixed bug where sword dash didn't respect the direction you were aiming


OmniGear | Windows 110 MB
Jul 17, 2022
OmniGear | Linux 110 MB
Jul 17, 2022
OmniGear | Mac 119 MB
Jul 17, 2022

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So glad you are keeping with this one! I love the idea. I'll have to check out the new version :D


Thanks! Let me know what you think if you get a chance!