Change Log | v0.3.0

In addition to continuing the quality-of-life updates, I also added in some new features! The settings menu is in as well as two new parts: Energy Head and Tri Shot Arms.

Also included the original game jam as a separate download to see where the game originally came from and how far it has come!

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  • Settings Menu
    • General Settings
      • Show HUD
      • Screenshake
    • Audio
      • Music Volume
      • Sound Volume
    • Video
      • Resolution
      • Fullscreen
      • VSync
      • Quality
      • Effects Toggle
    • Player Settings
      • Rumble
  • New Parts
    • Energy Head
    • Tri Shot Arms


  • Improved Jumping
    • Better Grounded state detection
    • Added a jump input buffer
    • Added in coyote time
    • No more friction with walls or players
  • Better controls for when a keyboard player is navigating a menu with a controller player also playing
  • Part Balancing
    • Tank Head damage multiplier set to 1
  • Increased the volume of the player getting hit to make it more apparent
  • Added build version number to Title Screen
  • Added in mouse aiming when using keyboard controls
  • Draws will now be broken by how much health the remaining player/team has

Bug Fixes

  • Menu no longer switches to the pause menu if the game is over and a controller disconnects
  • Fixed issue that prevented pressing Escape from pausing the game
  • Fixed spelling errors in credits menu
  • You can no longer jump off of accessories like Damaging Trail
  • Fixed bug where explosion collider would stay around until particles dispersed rather than immediately going away
  • Fixed sound effects cutting out so frequently when a lot of sounds are occurring
  • Health will no longer display as "0" when there still health left


OmniGear | Windows 111 MB
May 07, 2022
OmniGear | Linux 111 MB
May 07, 2022
OmniGear | Mac 119 MB
May 07, 2022
OmniGear | OST Jam | Windows 99 MB
May 07, 2022
OmniGear | OST Jam | Mac 108 MB
May 07, 2022
OmniGear | OST Jam | Linux 99 MB
May 07, 2022

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