Future of OmniGear

Recently, I have been extremely busy working on various other projects like the HyperDot port to Switch and PlayStation. This has caused me to push back numerous projects including OmniGear. It’s a bit harder to justify splitting up some of my time to work on this because HyperDot does help me stay afloat (This is on top of working at We’re Five Games).

Which is unfortunate, I really enjoy working on OmniGear and I would love to see this through. I’ve had more ideas and have been enjoying working on this recently. But my original plans after the OST Jam was to just get a simple single player mode in and then do the very ambitious thing of getting online multiplayer in. So, the scope was relatively small (minus online multiplayer heh), and I was going to leave it at that. I originally intended this game to be a conduit to learn more about different aspects of game development that I have been interested in.

But at this rate, completing the game with me working on it every few weeks for an hour or two is going to take a very long time. I fear I will lose that motivation to keep working on it with such slow progress. Let alone get some of the things that I have been thinking about in as well.

Future Updates

So, with that said, I made the decision to make the game slightly bigger than I originally planned and I’m working on getting it a proper release! That means I’m going to dedicate more time to it, get more of the things I want into the game, and do a Steam and itch release (maybe other platforms?). It still is going to be relatively small in scope (especially in comparison to my other games like HyperDot), but I am going to do more polish work, more features, and new potential modes. But with this decision that means I am planning on selling the game in the future. Again, the scope is small, and the price will be justifiably so, but it is going to have a cost.

So, what does that mean for updates? First, the OST Jam version and the current version will always be free, I wouldn’t want to change that at all. I also will continue to update the game on here as I work on it but consider this version as a demo. It won’t have all the features, modes, parts, etc. that I will be working on. But it will get updates, balance changes, etc. So, you can continue to expect patch notes and development updates here; just not everything I work on will be included in the demo. I do still want to hear from you regarding this demo, so I value any constructive feedback on it you send my way! Also, for the near future most, if not all, of my work will be included in the demo.

Other Projects

For those interested in what this means for my other projects (like the HyperDot port), I’m still working on that. Part of the reason I can focus a bit more on OmniGear is because I have been making some big strides there. But to avoid this being a HyperDot post, you can follow me on Twitter as I will be talking more about that soon.

There you have it, those are the current plans for OmniGear!

TL;DR, I’m making the game slightly more ambitious and giving it a proper release. I’m going to be selling the game. This version will still be free, get updates and will be a demo of the full release.

Thanks again everyone for the support and I’m excited to work on this some more!

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