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Race your friends to the altars and perform a ritual to gain orbs! Steal orbs from your friend by shooting them down. Grab 3 orbs to win! Perform a ritual by lining up your arms with the guides to execute, complete it 5 times to get an orb!

How to Play:

Move - Left Stick | Aim - Right Stick | Shoot - RT | Jump - A, LB, LT | Perform Ritual - X

*During Ritual*

Left Arm - Left Stick | Right Arm - Right Stick

Game Jam

Neon Ritual was originally made in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2016. It was a passion project that found some success at the GLITCH Gamecraft showcase.

This project is just a small prototype and there are no further plans of development at this time.


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Neon Ritual - Windows 55 MB
Neon Ritual - Linux 24 MB
Neon Ritual - Mac 22 MB


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Yo this look neat! I wonder what you could do with this knowing what you know now. Also, that little twin stick mini game looks stressful as heck haha


Haha thanks! Yeah, I would love to get back to this one day I still have some ideas on what a full game would look like.

Heh and yeah trying to figure out when to go in for the ritual is tough hahaha.


In future versions of the game you have to play a mini version of HyperDot to succeed at the ritual :P